COVID-19 Updates

Thank you for your patience, as we work toward safely and gradually resuming operations at The Hurt Hub@Davidson. We are reopening to our community in phases, following North Carolina’s guidelines.

We are open to students, faculty, staff, tenants, coworking members, invited guests and small groups adhering to the guidelines set forth under Executive Order 195. The Hurt Hub@Davidson will continue to follow state and local orders in managing risks against the spread of COVID-19.

The Hurt Hub@Davidson is also taking additional steps to create a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, tenants, coworking members and guests.

We have implemented the following protocols and guidelines. We ask for your cooperation and adherence to these measures. Remember that we are all responsible for our own well-being and safety. We are also in community with one another, so following these guidelines helps keep others healthy too.

Students, faculty, staff, coworking members and tenants are permitted to use our space at their own discretion with normal card access 7 days a week, 6AM-11PM.

  • Staff available on site: 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday.
  • We ask everyone to enter through the front door (via Delburg Street) and check in at the front desk (located near the front door in the Social Commons). This will ensure we know who is in the building each day.
  • Coworking members and tenants will need to meet invited guest(s) at the front desk.
  • We are monitoring usage of our building to make sure that we do not exceed occupancy limitations at any given time.
  • No indoor gatherings or meetings of more than 18 people physically distanced (effective 5 PM, February 26) will be permitted in our space. 
  • Users are not permitted to bring children, pets, or others who are not engaged in business activities.
  • Anyone who enters the building is required to wear a face mask while using all shared spaces (e.g. bathrooms, social commons, Van Deman Innovation Lab, open and reserved desks, meeting rooms). Private offices and phone rooms are not included.
  • Use physical distancing protocol when interacting with anyone:
    • No handshakes or other physical contact.
    • Sit / work at least 6 feet apart.
    • Spread out and use all our space.
  • No more than 2 people per private office.
  • Open desks are limited to 2 people per row.
  • Only one person at a time permitted behind the beverage bar in the front Social Commons. Please use careful physical distancing in this area.
  • DO NOT come into the building if you are feeling any symptoms of sickness, if someone in your household is feeling unwell, or if you’ve been in contact with anyone who is presumed positive to have COVID-19. Quarantining for 14 days is still the most effective way to contain any potential spread of the virus.

What We are Doing to Maintain Sanitation

  • Regular housekeeping three times a day: before business hours, mid-day and evening – including bathrooms, common areas and surfaces. All cleaning and janitorial services are provided by Davidson College Building Services.
  • Full-service cleaning happens every morning before 8AM (Monday-Friday) including: trash removal, recycling removal, floor care, restroom cleaning, and surface cleaning of all common area tables, chairs, counters, and surfaces.
  • Mid-day + evening cleanings include disinfecting restrooms and common area tables, chairs, and counters.
  • Building Services patrols all high-touch surfaces constantly throughout the day.
  • Disinfecting wipes and supplies are available in common areas and meeting rooms for occupants to self-clean.
  • We will continue to stock hand sanitizer around the building. Use liberally!
  • We will continue to use paper products in the beverage bar area.

What You Should Do to Maintain Health

  • Wear a face mask when using all shared spaces.
  • Keep 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Wash your hands frequently (at least 20 seconds with soap and water).
  • Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant products provided.

Thank you,

The Hurt Hub Team

Laurie HeyerCOVID-19 Updates