for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Claire Pearce, I-O Psychology Practicum Student Consultant

Under the leadership and guidance of Liz Brigham, W. Spencer Mitchem Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Hurt Hub@Davidson, and Dr. John Kello, Professor of Psychology at Davidson College, psychology majors can join a small team and immerse themselves in the world of organizational consulting. 

Claire Pearce, a recent Davidson College graduate from the class of 2023 and psychology major, had the opportunity to be a part of the team in the fall of 2022. The experience “opened my eyes to what I want to do with my career.” During this time, Claire was able to gain exposure to a wide range of professional skills – including design thinking, interviewing protocols, and qualitative data gathering and analysis. Among her favorite exercises in the course was the design thinking workshop, led by Liz Brigham. Through this workshop, Claire learned about design thinking concepts, such as understanding it as a human-centered approach that focuses on creating solutions to problems. After the workshop, Claire developed a newfound awareness of how these solutions can positively impact those in need. “Establishing an empathetic lens when approaching clients’ challenges helps to ensure that you don’t rush to conclusions about what you think they might want.” 

When I asked Claire what her biggest takeaway was from the course, she re-emphasized the importance of empathy when working in client-facing roles, “empathy is everything.” After the course was over and Claire began the job search for post-Davidson, she shared her extensive knowledge of the importance of design thinking and the role of empathy with many of her interviewers. She noted that many of these interviewees were incredibly impressed with her wisdom and utilization of empathy in the field of organizational development consulting. 

Davidson College students have the unique opportunity to engage in a variety of business and professional exposure, coupled with academics. Many class participants have and continue to note that the lessons they learned during the course continue to be extremely valuable and relevant in their present lives.

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