for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Jazyln Moock, NEXT Level Student Consultant

“It’s not hard to hear about the Hurt Hub@Davidson,” says Jazlyn Moock, a junior Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies major at Davidson College. An avid participant in many of the Hurt Hub@Davidson’s programs, including networking events and guest speakers, Jazlyn has taken advantage of the many opportunities provided.  She has participated in the NEXT Level Program through Davidson College and is currently working as a Gig-Hub consultant with the Hurt Hub@Davidson for Just Her Rideshare. The NEXT Level Scholarship Program through the College is designed to provide first-generation sophomore students with the opportunity to build and create gig-hub connections through a partnership between the Hurt Hub@Davidson and the Matthews Center for Career Development. This program opened a plethora of growth opportunities for Jazlyn, specifically working as a Gig-Hub consultant and meeting her current mentor. 

The Gig-Hub program grants Davidsons students the ability to experience paid, short-term projects with a variety of clients. These gigs often provide students with the opportunity to diversify their skill portfolios. Most recently, Jazlyn is working as the Operations Specialist Intern for Just Her Rideshare, a company that aims to provide safe alternative rideshares made for and by women. “The beauty of the consultant experience is that I am now able to receive real-world experience in the intersection of city centers.” Through this experience, Jazlyn was able to implement her academic knowledge of her double major –  specifically the importance of creating accessible urban transportation and how it interacts and is compounded for groups of women with limited mobility. 

Not only was Jazlyn able to work a gig, but was also able to create a significant, long-lasting connection with a mentor, introduced to her through the Hurt Hub@Davidson. Jazlyn collaborated with her mentor, a local professional in geographical technology, to create an online walking tour of the Town of Davidson. Her experience allowed her to refine her professional skills, such as podcasting training, and understand the inner workings of entrepreneurship. 

Jazlyn’s experiences in the NEXT Level Scholarship program, Gig-Hub program, and gaining a mentor have drastically grown her confidence in her professional skills. She hopes to continue to be involved in the community, whether it be a new opportunity, networking event, or listening to a guest speaker. 

If you are looking for a gig or a student consultant in a specific career field, there are gigs and client opportunities available. Click the link to learn more.

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