Emma Balin

Program Catalyst

“The Hub teems with opportunity. It welcomes students, entrepreneurs and community members together, creating an environment where the energy is palpable.”

Laurie Heyer

Faculty Director

“I’m excited to support the Davidson College culture of educational innovation by connecting students and faculty with entrepreneurs, mentors and industry partners.”

Zee Holmes

Community Manager

“Interesting entrepreneurs and professionals from all different walks of life come through our doors everyday. I’m always learning something new.”

Chris Langford

Venture Capitalist in Residence
IDEA Fund Partners

“The Hub is the most collaborative ecosystem in the Charlotte region dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and the collection of mentors and supporters is world class. It is a place where people put aside their egos and personal agendas and work to move our region forward because they understand that our future requires vibrant entrepreneurial activity.”

Erin Moreau

Operations Manager

“There is an energy here that sparks when campus and community are learning and working together.”

Kelly Weaver

Program Coordinator
Gig Hub / Mentorship

“The Hub offers a place for students to actively learn with their peers, the community a way to engage with local industry experts, and entrepreneurs a space to grow their idea. Impactful connections are made every day.”

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