Initial steps: First Cut

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About a week ago I got the idea to start a small haircutting business on campus because I was disappointed with the haircut I received in Davidson, and the price tag that came with it. I was inspired to provide haircutting services to Davidson students at an affordable price, and at a relatable level. I wanted to create an environment where students could engage in conversation, listen to good music, and fulfill their need for a new haircut. My supplies came a couple days ago, and last night I gave my first client a cut, for free. Here in these initial stages I aim to develop my skills, build a small clientele organically, and establish strong relationships with these few clients I service. After this first cut, I learned a whole lot, and got even more excited about the prospect of the haircutting venture. The challenge I am currently facing is (a.) where I will cut hair in the future, and (b.) how I can most effectively develop my haircutting skills. All in all, it was a mutually satisfying first haircutting experience, and I look forward to many more.

Riley PittsInitial steps: First Cut

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