Before COVID-19, Data CATS was based in the Tresata Analytics Factory of The Hurt Hub@Davidson. Now we’re here for you on Zoom, to answer all your data analytics and statistics questions at any phase of your project, from class assignments, to research, to business analytics. Our services are free for Davidson students, faculty, and staff, and on a contract basis with local companies. We can help at any stage of your research or project, from translating ideas into data-focused questions, to collecting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data.

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson, Room 212 (Tresata Analytics Factory)

Faculty Consultants

Student Consultants

Besir Ceka

Associate Professor of Political Science

I can help students and clients with various aspects of working with data including research design, regression analysis, descriptive statistics, graphical presentation of data etc. I am most comfortable in Stata and have some experience with R.

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Sunday through Wednesday

Brian Eiler

Assistant Professor of Psychology

I can help with all your data science questions in statistics, visualization and machine learning. My primary software expertise is in R.

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Raghu Ramanujan

Associate Professor of Computer Science

My expertise includes machine learning and artificial intelligence. I can also help you with web scraping, data structures and databases. My primary software expertise is in Python and Java.

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