Avinger Scholarship

Applications Due October 14, 2018

The Avinger Scholarship annually rewards one or two current first years, sophomores, or juniors who show the vision, qualities, and passions of an innovator. To be considered, you must demonstrate work ethic, the ability to think critically and take risks, and a commitment to your idea. As a scholar, you receive funding of up to $5,000 to assist in accelerating your proposed idea — think seed funding, tuition assistance in an incubator program, business travel for idea development, and more!

The Finer Print

The Avinger Scholarship was established in honor of Robert L. Avinger, Jr., a member of the Davidson Class of 1960 and professor of Economics from 1967-1980. Finalists are chosen on the strength of their submitted applications and interviewed in the fall by a committee including members of the Avinger Scholars Advisory Team and Davidson faculty and/or staff members designated by the Director of Merit Programs.

Avinger Scholars

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Lorena James (’21)  |  ZSpools

Andrew Wright (’20) + Jackson Miller (’20)  | UWAVES

Arianna Montero-Colbert (’19)  |  R&D (to develop socially conscious board game)

Houston Downes (’18)  | Pokadot

Charlie Goldberg (’19)  |  Get it Poppin’ Clothing Line

Peter (Andy) Baay (’17)  |   Data Engineer at Tresata, Armfield Capital Management, LLC

Violet Degnan (’17)  |  Topstone Projects

Scott Cunningham (16’)  |  Digital Storyteller

Tori Mayernick (’14)  | Hives for Lives

Jared Blakney (’14)  | Generations Tee Shirt Co.